Legislative compliance and risk management has become an essential part of the organisation and governance of organisations.

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The implementation of risk & compliance systems aims to determine the requirements and obligations that the organisations have established legally in different fields (sector-specific legislation, data protection, information security, business sustainability, etc.) as well as the risks (legal, economic, regarding reputation, etc.)  that their infringement can lead to in organisations.

The Criminal Code reform is particularly important (Organic Law 5/2010 of 22 June). It established a new corporate risk category, criminal risk, which led to the obligation to establish a new legal framework via which companies (regardless of their size) are obligated to implement effective crime prevention programmes that enable them to detect and prevent criminal risks affecting their organisation.

Ecija offers legal advice on legislative compliance, from any of its areas, and applies a multidisciplinary strategy to overcome the challenges that the organisations in these situations face and offer an effective response to our clients, coordinating and aligning the disciplines involved.

  • Penal compliance. Assistance in the preparation, implementation and validation of comprehensive crime prevention systems.
  • Ethical and social compliance.
  • Corporate governance compliance.
  • Technological compliance.
  • Occupational compliance (occupational hazard prevention, data protection, prevention of money laundering, anti-trust, etc.).
  • Financial compliance.
  • Corporate defence: legal assistance in proceedings that may arise.

The establishment of compliance management systems involves:

  • Review of fulfilment models already implemented.
  • Adaptation of international models to national legislation requirements and vice versa.
  • Definition of the attributions and composition of the company’s compliance office.
  • Assistance to the compliance officer in the ongoing work to review the efficacy of compliance systems for their continuous updating and adaptation to the company’s circumstances.
  • Training and raising awareness

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