Distribution and consumer law

ECIJA has a specialised team and ample experience in providing legal and tax advice in all aspects related to retail, commercial distribution and franchises.

Our team of professionals evaluates and drafts distribution agreements and franchise agreements, and provides advice in relation to regulatory compliance in these fields.

The main services that the Distribution and Franchise department offers include the following:

  • Advice and legal design of international and national franchise and distribution networks.
  • Negotiation and drafting of agency and distribution contracts.
  • Negotiation and drafting of Master Franchise, Franchise and Joint Venture contracts.
  • Legal evaluation and advice on the system as well as on the product and/or service and the franchise system.
  • Legal auditing of the preparation of operational manuals and the training of franchisees.
  • Implementation of franchises abroad and foreign franchises in Spain.
  • Advice on the creation of franchise committees.
  • Advice in relation to selective and integrated distribution.
  • Assistance with exclusive concessions, concessions in purchasing groups or referenced concessions.
  • Protection of the franchiser’s commercial secrets and commercial brands.
  • Advice regarding licenses.
  • Retail trade and consumer protection.
  • Procedural actions in matters relating to the interpretation, resolution and execution of rights and duties recognised by the franchise agreement.
  • Procedural actions particularly in claims for the termination of distribution, concession and agency contracts and in relation to the infringement of non-competition obligations.

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