Litigation and Arbitration

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Our Litigation and Arbitration Department is specialised in conflict and dispute resolution before arbitration courts and tribunals in all jurisdictions: civil, criminal and administrative-contentious.

Our litigation and arbitration department specialises in dispute resolution in all jurisdictions and before all courts and arbitration tribunals. The rigorous and practical profile of the area makes the team a market leader in all procedural instances, with a peerless understanding of the digital ecosystem in the market. We combine in-depth procedural knowledge with the particularities and benefits of technology and its sector.

ECIJA’s litigation and arbitration team thus has professionals with extensive experience who have achieved favourable resolutions in international arbitrations and large disputes in areas such as:

  • Protection of fundamental laws: the right to honour, privacy and one’s own image.
  • Intellectual property: rights relating to musical and audiovisual works or infringement of intellectual property rights.
  • Electronic fraud.
  • Proceedings to recover domains before the WIPO.
  • Protection and claims for the infringement of brands, with their implications in terms of unfair competition. • Industrial espionage, disclosure of confidential information.
  • Corporate disputes.
  • Claims for contractual breaches. Scams and misappropriation. Asset stripping.
  • Sanction procedures: sanctions relating to telecommunications, consumers and users and data protection.
  • Real estate and business: Construction defects. Construction faults. Proceedings in terms of licenses, sanctions, sealing of establishments, etc.
  • Arbitral proceedings (International Chamber of Commerce [ICC], the Spanish Civil and Commercial Arbitration Court [CIMA], the Madrid International Arbitration Center [CIAM], etc.)
  • International Dispute Resolution