Regulatory and Government affairs

Our public and regulatory team provides advice to public administrations and private companies on their relations with national, autonomous or local administrations.

The public and regulatory law department provides its services under the guarantee of consolidated experience, giving advice on matters such as the processing of licenses and permits in regulated sectors, attainment of grants and subsidies, due diligences, protection of fundamental rights and in the event of administrative sanctions and infringements, preparation of proposals and presentations of projects for tenders and contracting committees, relations with public administrations and other bodies.

The company has actively intervened in deregulations of the telecommunications sector, rail transport, aeronautic sector, and the audiovisual sector. Also noteworthy is its activity with private companies, such as in the telecommunications sector, advising the most representative and important companies on matters of different magnitude, and its activity in public administrations, in studies for the implementation of electronic tenders.

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Thursday, 9 December, 2021

ESG regulation in Mexico: regulatory trends and laws on the matter in passage

Legal memos

The development and implementation of ESG principles and criteria globally are an inevitable regulatory trend; Although they have been more prevalent in the financial sector, they are increasingly required for any subject with business activity. Mexico is no exception. In recent years, regulation on the matter accelerated, with several laws pending, others that have just […]

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