Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo

Calle Rafael Augusto Sánchez #86,
Roble Corporate Center, Piso 1,
Suite RCC-201D,
Piantini, Distrito Nacional,
Dominican Republic 10148.
Tlf. +(809) 289-2343


Our Team

Nombre Área de práctica
Alcantara Amadis Ashley Paralegal
Báez Lauren Office Manager & Compliance Officer
Checo Paola Corporativo/M&A, Asesoría Fiscal, Propiedad Intelectual e Industrial, Inversión Extranjera
Comas Deydania  Inmobiliario, Bancario, Corporate, Extranjería y Propiedad Intelectual
Espinal Sabater Adriana Corporate
Godoy Mujica Kayla Dispute Resolution: Litigación y arbitraje
Gómez Erika Dispute Resolution, inmobiliario
Gómez Vanessa Corporate, Propiedad Intelectual e Industrial, Medios Audiovisuales e Inmobiliario
Jiménez Endreina Client Service, Human Resources & Administration Specialist
Madera Guzman Pamela  Project Manager
Maura Estefani Operations & Compliance Specialist
Mejía Torres Tamara Corporate / M&A
Moquete Carol Client Service and Accounting Specialist
Peláez Arístides Victoria Dispute Resolution
Pérez Astrid Propiedad Industrial
Samboy Ramires Johanna
Soto Paola Reception
Rodríguez Nicole Corporate, Propiedad Intelectual e Industrial, Medios Audiovisuales e Inmobiliario
Valdez Nicole Paralegal
Vargas José Eduardo Paralegal



Latest news

Monday, 25 October, 2021

Dominican Republic: features of the Dominican Republic’s data protection legislation

Legal memos

Arístides Victoria Peláez, ECIJA’s lawyer in the Dominican Republic, answers some questions about the characteristics of the Dominican Republic’s data protection regulations. In addition, he shares reflections on its ideal future prospects, a topic of utmost importance for this generation of digital companies. More information here.

Wednesday, 21 July, 2021

Dominican Republic: Resolution No. 01/2021 on Increase to Certain National Minimum Wages

Legal memos

The National Salary Committee of the Dominican Republic, on July 14, 2021, issued the Resolution No. 01/2021 (the “Resolution”), through which it amends the previous Resolution No. 22/2019 dated July 9 2019, as well as Resolution No. 05/2004 dated November 12, 2004. In this sense, the Resolution, effective as of July 16, 2021 and with […]

Friday, 16 July, 2021

Costa Rica: The Right to Disconnect: A Human Right?

Articles, ECIJA in the media

The media Nearshore Americas reports Daniel Valverde’s opinion. In March 2020,  countries around the world authorized lockdowns to stem the spread of Covid-19. In response, many workplaces decided to apply work-from-home schemes almost immediately to keep businesses open and avoid a severe loss of jobs. Practically overnight, even the most teleworking-reluctant employer or employee was now forced […]

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