‘Winners 40 under Forty Awards: Alejandro Touriño Winners 40 under Forty Awards: Alejandro Touriño’

Alejandro Touriño Pena, Ecija Head of Information Technology (IT) at Ecija’s Madrid office, Touriño advises Spanish and international companies on IT, intellectual property (IP), information security, entertainment law and e-business issues, such as software licences, e-commerce, social networks, privacy and domain names.

At the start of his career, Touriño had a clear plan. “It was important for me to find another way to think – to have an international lawyer’s perspective. So I took a law degree, spent a year in the UK improving my languages, before finishing my Masters in International Law. Touriño’s first job as at Manilow, Jimenez & De Mulder, where his work with the Euro IT Counsel introduced him to IT and IP issues – and to the best lawyers in the field.

Since joining Ecija in 2008, he has significantly contributed to the development, growth and subsequent market recognition of the firm in this area – an achievement he puts down to being in a place where his talent and work is appreciated by partners who trust in the younger members of the firm. A visible market player in Spain, Touriño speaks at key industry events, and teaches at universities and business schools around the country, one of which – the IE Law School – awarded him ‘Best Lecturer 2013’.

“I like teaching young people about how interesting this field of law is, and that you can work with international clients doing so many relevant things.”Having written numerous topical IT & IP articles, Touriño has been commissioned to write a book, specifically focusing on the ‘right to be forgotten’. By way of reinforcing his international commitment in his career, he has been appointed the EMEA representative of the Leadership Institute Programme by Meritas, the largest global alliance of leading independent business law firms, and as arbiter for the World Intellectual Property Organization for conflicts between domain names and trademarks.

Touriño’s determination to be the best lawyer he can be is not only demonstrated by participating in cooperative groups, conference programmes and educational pro-bono projects, but in his unwavering belief in the capability of the 30 lawyers he manages. “I try to involve all my team as they are young, skilled and motivated and therefore these awards belong to these people too.”

Interview-with-Alejandro-Touriño_IberianLawyer_Top40underForty Winners 40 under Forty Awards: Alejandro Touriño

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