Thursday, 27 August, 2020

Mexico: Fashion Law


Fashion Law is a branch of the “recent” and “emergent” law which comprises all the legal aspects of the fashion industry.  This specialty has its origins in the United States of America and was coined as such by Susan Scafidi, which acknowledged the relevance of forming professionals specialized in business fashion in order to meet […]

Tuesday, 21 July, 2020

Mexico: ECIJA participates in the historic first divorce e-trial in the Mexico Civil Courts.


Today, the “first distance trial hearing” was verified regarding a voluntary divorce proceeding, in which the respective divorce judgment was pronounced.  The following is a brief summary of the online procedure and Ecija’s experience in sponsoring one of the parties in the case. 1.- On July 13 of this year, Ecija México filed, on behalf […]

Monday, 6 July, 2020

Mexico: Restrictions to entering into Trade Agreements with other Countries according to the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)


One of the most paradoxical provisions of the USMCA, published in the Federal Official Gazette on June 29, 2020, is article 32.10[1] of Chapter 32 of the Agreement, related to ” Exceptions and General Provisions”. Article 32.10 was a condition of the United States government during the negotiations between the three countries in the context […]

Friday, 3 July, 2020

Mexico: Supreme court (SCJN) minister grants suspension against The “NAHLE Decree” on renewable energies due to the constitutional controversy proceeding initiated by The Federal Economic Competition Commission (COFECE).


I. Background On May 15, 2020, the Ministry of Energy (SENER) published on the Federal Official Gazette (DOF) a Decree issuing the Reliability, Safety, Continuity and Quality Policy of the National Electric System (the Decree). The Decree modifies the rules in order for new renewable energy generating plants to be connected to the National Electric […]

Thursday, 2 July, 2020

Mexico: Investment Arbitration and the USMCA


In view that the USMCA becomes effective as of today, it is appropiate  to analyze the mechanism established therein for Investor-State dispute settlement, known as Investment Arbitration, and its differences with respect to the provisions of the NAFTA.  To this end, this article will review the historical background, the provisions contained in the NAFTA and […]

Sponsorship agreements in the Sports Wednesday, 1 July, 2020

Sponsorship agreements in the Sports industry in Spain and United States beyond Covid-19: Legal challenges


This article was published by Spain-US Chamber of Commerce.  Regardless of the country, the sport or the magnitude of the competition (domestic or international), the last three months have seen a continuous trickle of temporary postponements or complete cancellations of leagues, competitions and other events. Without doubt, the impact of the Covid-19 in the sports […]