‘APD-ECIJA Seminar: Digital Economy in 2015. A regulatory update’

The presence of organizations in digital environments is becoming a reality. Not only technology companies are affected today by the digital regulatory landscape, but many companies in traditional sectors are deciding to take the digital leap and participate in this changing ecosystem. Both (digital companies) and the other (digital migrants) must remain very attentive to the regulations that will impact the Spanish digital sector this year -intend to be addressed in this seminar- from policy reforms affecting matters of taxation and finance, to changes in intellectual property, privacy, etc., and the impact of all that in businesses based on collaborative economy.

To learn the existing legal regulation in this area for its effective implementation in the organization and the platforms in which they move is a challenge for organizations that must find a balance between compliance and business objectives.

Therefore, APD has organized this seminar in collaboration with ECIJA and other professionals, in which all the legal issues, arising from current digital environment that can directly affect the way business, will be reviewed.

Please see the full program here: