ECIJA adds up its 12th territory with the onboarding of the local Firm Sanabria Bauermeister Garcia & Berio (SBGB LLC), and launches its 20th international office.

ECIJA continues its ambitious strategy growing in Latin America through the alliance of the Puerto Rican Firm Sanabria Bauermeister Garcia & Berio (SBGB LLC). This movement strengthens the Firm´s presence in the American continent. After this onboarding, ECIJA adds up a new territory to: Chile, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. The presence of ECIJA in America expands up to nine countries.

Sanabria Bauermeister Garcia & Berio (SBGB LLC), will be operating after the merge as ECIJA SBGB. The local Firm is one of the most innovative, relevant and dynamic of the legal industry in Puerto Rico, with a wide full-service experience. It has shown a flourishing progress since its foundation in less than two years. The Firm has represented important companies from the island, with special attention in the infrastructure and building industry of the Caribbean territory, causing the merge of the Firm in the international market, since it represents several Latin-American and European entities that are showing interest in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean as strategic investment area.

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