Press Room

13 May, 2021

The Ibero-American Data Protection Observatory, Pridat Foundation, IAPP and the University of Nebrija organize the “I International Forum on Privacy and Data Protection, Regulatory Developments and Challenges in a Global Society”, next May 17, 18 and 19, 2021.

Daniel López Carballo, partner of  Privacy and Data Protection, Information Technologies at ECIJA Madrid is the Academic Director of the event.

The Forum was created as an open space that seeks to provide great value for people, companies and institutions, clarifying the regulatory situation in each of the countries and at an international level, with the help of the participating control authorities.

The event, which is informative and free of charge, will be attended by authorities from countries from different continents, specifically from Africa, America, Asia and Europe, who will not only present questions about their own countries, but also about the challenges that lie ahead in their regions and at the international level.

At a time when artificial intelligence has acquired a very relevant role in terms of future legislation, its impact on privacy and the aspects to be taken into account in the coming years will be analysed.

The I International Forum on Privacy and Data Protection is set up as a meeting point for citizens, professionals, administrations and control authorities, which will make it possible to learn about this very important and sometimes unknown right, with a great impact on people, on the digital economy and, undoubtedly, on the present and future of our society.


Registration at the following link.

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Download the complete program in the following PDF.