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21 July, 2020

Today, the “first distance trial hearing” was verified regarding a voluntary divorce proceeding, in which the respective divorce judgment was pronounced.

 The following is a brief summary of the online procedure and Ecija’s experience in sponsoring one of the parties in the case.

1.- On July 13 of this year, Ecija México filed, on behalf of a client, before the Virtual Office of the Local Courts of Mexico City, a voluntary divorce petition with duly authenticated electronic signatures, and digitized annexes, in accordance with Agreement 13-14 / 2020 issued by the Plenary Session of the Mexico City Judicial Council.

2.- The next day, July 14, the Judge who heard the case, issued the admitance of the case writ schedulling the “distance trial hearing” at 10:00 hours on the 16 of July, in accordance with the Electronic System authorized by the Plenary Session of the Council (CISCO WEBEX MEETINGS), and the “Guidelines for the Implementation of Online Procedures and the Holding of Remote Hearings in Civil and Family Matters of the Judicial Power of Mexico City ”.

3.- Today, July 16, the historic distance trial hearing was held, without setbacks, to finally have been notified of the first online virtual Judgment, in which, among other things, it declared dissolved the marriage bond requested by the parties.


Comments on the process.

It is of course necessary that the parties or their legal representatives have and electronic signature (FIREL or E.FIRMA) to access the online procedure before the Mexico City Local Courts.

It is important that, in addition to having email addresses, to have the appropriate technology that allows audio and video to be transmitted remotely in a multidimensional and immediate way, since the parties and their representatives must remain in the box at all times, with the camera on, having the Court enabling a message system for the parties to speak, among others.

We recognize the important effort made by the Judicial Power of Mexico City to implement, during the pandemic, online trials and to verify today that they are a reality.

We congratulate Judge Rafael Guerra Álvarez, President of the Judicial Power of Mexico City and all the members of the Court for having worked in forced marches for the implementation of technology in the administration of justice, being witnesses that e-Justice is a reality in Mexico City, having resolved a conflict in 4 (four) days.



ECIJA México, S.C.





Alejandro Linares