ECIJA Advisory is our new business area aimed at the complete management of the company, offering tax, labor, mercantile and accounting compliance services.

ECIJA Advisory is the business line that ECIJA makes available to its clients to solve their financial, tax, accounting and employment needs, both for large business groups and start-ups. In addition, and given the growing impact of public-private partnerships and their particular needs, it includes a sub-area specialising in the Public Sector (Public Administrations, Government Corporations, Public Law Corporations, Foundations, Universities and Non-Profits). We rely on teams specialised in three main areas: Finance and Tax & Accounting & Payroll and Public Sector.


Corporate Finance

  • Advice on how to achieve the best financing mix.
  • Preparation of financial forecasts and investment materials.
  • Reporting to investors, participation on boards, CFO as a Service


  • Valuations and sales of companies
  • Sell-Side/Buy Side Due Diligence
  • Advisory services in investment rounds (Seed, Series A, Series B…).

Public financing

  • EU, national, regional and local public aid.
  • Tax credits and deductions.
  • Participatory or preferential loans from EU, national and regional entities.

Forensic Auditing
We are your strategic ally in the prevention and detection of fraud events, investigations and proactive data analysis, working in coordination with your organisation to understand, classify, prioritise and focus specialised procedures aimed at mitigating or controlling the materialisation of fraud risks and monitoring those key indicators for the efficient management of resources or the mission of the companies.
Our strategy is based on three dimensions: Prevent, Detect and Control.

We also provide support in the following preventive aspects:

1. Anti-fraud programmes and controls,
2. Early warning schemes for irregularities
3. Complaints management systems and investigation protocols
4. Forensic technology laboratory
5. Preventive auditing
6. Expertise
7. Valuation



  • Advisory and management of national, regional and local taxes.
  • Advice on international taxation.
  • Tax and non-tax procedures.


  • Multiplatform (SAP, Netsuite, A3, Holded, etc).
  • Preparation of KPIs, tailor-made reporting, analytical accounting.
  • Group consolidation, intercompany loans, etc.


  • Preparation of payroll and social security.
  • Drafting of contracts and simulation of costs.
  • Employment procedures, employee travel, etc.


Grants and aid

  • Technical advice on managing and evidencing EU Funds through technical offices.
  • Preparation of strategic, action and development plans to raise EU funds. Partner searches, creation of consortiums and associates.
  • Technical assistance in submitting projects in various international, national, regional and local searches.

Audit and Control

  • Operating and management audits, reports on agreed procedures.
  • Audit and control work on integrated management of Public Funds, both for the application process and in implementing and justifying aid. Audits of Public Control Bodies; International (European Court of Auditors, European Commission), Spanish [Spanish General State Auditor, IGAE) and regional (Autonomous Region General Auditors and Courts of Auditors and Chamber of Auditors).
  • Preparation and implementation of internal auditing procedures.

Transparency and Good Governance

  • Legal advice on fraud management (prevention, detection and whistle-blowing channel).
  • Public tenders; preparation of specifications and advice to procurement bureaux.
  • IT government in Public Sector Entities

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