As part of its social project, the ECIJA Foundation will provide pro bono legal support to companies affected by the COVID-19

In view of the exceptional circumstances generated by the Covid-19 health crisis, ECIJA Foundation has launched the #Digital4All initiative, with the aim of offering pro bono legal advice to a total of 5 companies wishing to boost their digitalization process.

This initiative is part of the social aims of the ECIJA Foundation and will allow the five companies selected by the Foundation to access a pro bono digital legal advice service, which will last a maximum of eight weeks.

The #Digital4All initiative was born in response to the serious threat to the global economy, strongly impacting the business world and demanding digital acceleration for many businesses, which have seen this channel as their only means of survival. Data shows that it is the profoundly digitalized companies that have best overcome the crisis. However, 80% of companies have not yet been able to or have not been able to take the path towards the digital world, as indicated by data published by different studies. Among the main obstacles, there is the economic factor. Even though most of entrepreneurs admit that the survival of their businesses depends on digitalization, not all of them are able to incur the investment costs that this path requires.

Thus, ECIJA, through its Foundation, wants to help a total of five companies to overcome the obstacles of digitization, offering first class legal advice to support this task. Without losing sight of the difficulty of the situation, the Firm is confident in the opportunities that this pandemic will also provide to companies; among them, the flourishing of a solid business network, of a digital nature, which will know how to overcome adversities and adapt to the new needs demanded by users. In the words of Hugo Écija, the Firm’s President, “in our supportive vocation to help, one more year we have decided that the gift of the firm for this festive season will not be for our clients and friends, but for those who may need it most now, supporting those who may be faced with a challenge never before experienced”.

The initiative, which is part of ECIJA’s global Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability project, joins those already promoted by the Firm during the Covid-19. Among these, it is worth mentioning the advice offered to entrepreneurs through the Spanish Association of Startups, the launch of the first collaborative platform for the exchange of international aid by the hand of the IE Law School or the electronic signature solution for the certification of work trips during the state of alarm, among others.

Companies interested in participating in the initiative should consult the rules of the initiative, available on ECIJA’s website (www.ecija.com/digital4all), and fill in the application form, available until 21 January 2021, setting out their project and the reasons why they should be chosen, including its uniqueness, its scalability, its special vulnerability due to Covid-19, its capacity to impact on people and communities, etc.

Be part of #Digital4All in the followwing link and learn more in the video.