Press Room

21 March, 2020

At ECIJA we firmly believe that the contribution of all members of society is essential to mitigate and quickly overcome the impact of Covid-19; buttressing all economic actors, startups, entrepreneurs, small, medium and large companies will be crucial to counteract the negative aftermath of this pandemic.


Given the situation we are experiencing, it is essential that measures are taken to help ensure the continuity of all economic activity with the least possible impact, being the legal aspect an essential factor. For this reason, at ECIJA, committed to our society and our country, we have decided to implement EcijaHelp-Covid19. It will provide free legal advice to all the population and companies in Mexico that requires it in any legal situation that could directly affect them by this virus and during the entire time of the emergency.

EcijaHelp-Covid19 is directly attended and supervised by partners and lawyers of ECIJA Mexico and will work through the WhatsApp application at the following number 5560709278. Just send the name, occupation, company and the specific inquiry so that ECIJA can respond to the issued raised within the following 24 hours.

With this measure, we are aim to help our society and thus contribute to the economic recovery as soon as possible for the benefit of the country.

ECIJA México, S.C.