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13 December, 2021

Innova Invest Grants

ICEX Spain Export and Investment, activates 5 million euros to encourage foreign companies to invest in industrial research or experimental development projects in Spain.

As part of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, this program aims to attract investment in Spain by foreign companies with a high innovative component. The subsidy is focused on promoting R&D activities by companies validly incorporated in Spain with at least 50% foreign capital, so that they integrate into the national productive and research activities.

The first call is fixed with 5 million euros for 2022. It is a line of aid in the form of a grant up to 800,000 euros per beneficiary for projects, to be implemented during 2022 and the first half of 2023 anywhere in Spain.

The minimum amount of all eligible items must be at least 250.000 euros and the aid will be granted for expenditure on industrial research or experimental development projects.

The aid must have an incentive effect on the activity being financed, i.e. the aid must change the behaviour of the beneficiary in such a way that it engages in additional activities which it would not carry out, or which it would carry out in a limited or different way without the aid.

The deadline for applications is currently open and will remain open until 26 January 2022 at the latest.


ECIJA Advisory