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26 July, 2022

Mexico implements new “COVID 4.0 Permit” for workers

In view of the recent increase of COVID-19 cases, the Mexican Social Security Institute has introduced a new permit to obtain work incapacity due to coronavirus for workers who have not tested positive.

In response to the new wave of COVID-19 infections and the critical increase in hospitalizations and deaths, the Mexican Social Security Institute (“IMSS”) has taken the important decision to reinstate the coronavirus work incapacity. Thus, IMSS has revamped its digital platform and implemented the new “COVID 4.0 Permit“.

The COVID 4.0 Permit can be obtained by eligible workers through the IMSS digital platform or by using the “IMSS Digital” mobile application. With this new implementation, the IMSS seeks to avoid workers having to go to clinics to obtain such disability and to make the process much more accessible.

Unlike its predecessor, the “COVID 3.0 Permit”, the new COVID 4.0 Permit covers the absence of workers for 5 days, which is two fewer days of disability granted. In addition to the difference in the number of days granted, the new COVID 4.0 Permit can be processed without the need for a “positive test”, a measure that extends the permit to suspicious cases without diagnostic confirmation, but with the presentation of symptoms. Like any general illness disability issued by the IMSS, the permit includes a subsidy of 60% of the registered salary as of the fourth day.


Procedure for obtaining a COVID 4.0 Permit

Entitled workers may process the permit through the IMSS website or through the mobile application, for which they must enter their Social Security Number (“NSS“), CURP and address; once the required fields are filled in, they must answer a brief questionnaire about symptoms, pre-existing chronic diseases, contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, whether they have been previously ill, and the number of vaccinations received at the time.

Subsequently, a positive test must be confirmed, which is not mandatory to obtain the permit. Finally, an e-mail address must be provided to which the voucher will be sent and the 18-digit interbank CLABE, where the corresponding subsidy will be deposited.

Although the implementation of such permit is a security measure to avoid a greater number of contagions, the path to follow is still somewhat uncertain, so the lawyers of ECIJA Mexico will be watching for new updates on social security matters to provide support and legal advice.


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