Press Room

26 January, 2024

ECIJA Mexico welcomed partners from ECIJA Guatemala

Edson López, Marcos Palma, and Pablo Cóbar honored us with their presence to delve into synergies and joint growth for ECIJA and its clients. These working meetings not only strengthened our professional ties but also laid the foundation for an ambitious project that all ECIJA offices in Central America and the Caribbean, as well as throughout LATAM share: enhancing our region.

This gathering is a clear reflection of the collaborative spirit that characterizes ECIJA. By exchanging experiences and perspectives on the future of the region, we not only enrich our mutual knowledge but also explore new forms of collaboration. The motivations behind these dynamics are not solely for the individual growth of each office; they also serve as a catalyst to strengthen our presence in the region, generating more benefits for our clients.

The potential of Central America and the Caribbean is immense. Cultural diversity, resource richness, and the growing economic dynamics make this region an ideal stage for innovation and growth. At ECIJA, we are committed to actively participating in this development, contributing our experience, knowledge, and our ability to work together toward common goals.

We are excited about the upcoming meetings and collaborations with partners from other countries in the region. Each encounter is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to reaffirm that at ECIJA, collaboration and teamwork are the essence of our vision for the future.

We sincerely thank our colleagues from Guatemala for their visit and for an enriching exchange of ideas. These meetings are essential to continue building a promising future for ECIJA in LATAM and, by extension, in all our offices globally.

Looking ahead, we remain committed to strengthening these ties, always with the enthusiasm and professionalism that characterize us. Together, we are writing the next chapter in ECIJA’s chain of successes in our region.




Berenice Sagaón

Joaquín Rodríguez

Kaynicté Pérez

Marcos Palma

Mike Margáin

Edson López

Alejandro Linares

Carlos del Razo

Pablo Cóbar

Ricardo Chacón

Tania Ávila