Our consultancy includes all of the specialisms of tax law, with particular dedication to corporate taxation, international taxation (including the movement of workers), reorganisations of companies, e-commerce taxation and tax proceedings.

Our advice covers all areas of tax law, with a particular focus on corporate taxation, international taxation, corporate restructurings and taxation related to new technologies.

Our knowledge of this branch of law and of the correct application and interpretation of tax legislation, and our attention to the criteria of the Tax Administration through its specialised bodies, together with the strength and international experience of our team, are the key to our success of this area, allowing us to respond to all types of tax-related issues.

In addition, our experience in the following services is noteworthy:

  • Tax advice on blockchain and taxation of cryptoassets.
  • Ongoing advice to multinationals.
  • National and international tax planning for multinationals.
  • Tax due diligence.
  • Tax advice to large estates, succession planning and family businesses.
  • Corporate restructurings and reorganisation.
  • Tax management and inspection procedures.
  • Tax advice to individuals, especially expatriates and ‘impatriates’.