Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT)

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We are a leading provider of legal advice on information technology. We participate in the main national and international projects that study the legal issues involved in new digital environments, both in the public and private sector. This has led us to become leaders in this area of activity in Spain.

Our TMT area is a worldwide leader.

In the field of Information Technology, We are a pioneering firm globally. We participate in the main national and international projects that study the legal issues involved in new digital environments, both in the public and private sector. This has made us leaders in this area of activity.

Our team not only helps design and implement the most effective strategies for each organisation, but also to integrate new situations and business models into current regulations. We have a group of technical and legal professionals who help our clients protect strategies and resolve conflicts in the digital ecosystem. We grow and innovate with our clients.

  • Intellectual property in the field of technology
  • Big Data
  • Cloud services
  • Internet of Things
  • Virtual reality, 3D printing
  • Smartcities
  • Fintech
  • Applications and mobile payments
  • Ecommerce
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain
  • Technological risk analysis
  • Sharing Economy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Patents and software licenses
  • Certified electronic signature and digitalisation services
  • Technology contracts
  • Technological law suits
  • Intellectual property in open source and cloud environments
  • Open source
  • Fintech
  • Insurtech
  • Brand surveillance

Recognised as the best law firm in audiovisual and entertainment law, our Media team specialises in providing end-to-end advice to companies and entities on intellectual property, copyright and media matters. We actively participate in local and international projects in which we provide comprehensive legal advice, making us the One Stop Shop for film and television projects:

  • Consultancy for financing and production of audiovisual works
  • Consultancy regarding tax incentives for audiovisual productions
  • Film Finance
  • International co-productions and production service
  • Production contracts: screenwriters, associates, technicians, suppliers, location, etc.
  • Employment advice, collective bargaining and international mobility of the technical and artistic team
  • Clearance Report
  • Image rights, protection of honour and privacy
  • Advertising, merchandising and sponsorship. Interactive Advertising Conflict Resolution: litigation and ADR
  • Matters related to management companies
  • Acquisitions of rights and obtaining of licences
  • Consultancy for companies affected by media concentrations
  • Public tenders
  • Attainment of licenses

From the perspective of telecommunications, our ongoing activity in this market and close relationship with the regulatory bodies enables us to get to know all of the options and offer the best solution for each case.

  • Notices to the CNMC (National Markets and Competition Commission) on all manner of electronic communications services and the establishment of communications networks (fixed, fibre optics, mobile, satellite, VoIP, etc.).
  • Contracts and standard user terms for providing telephony, internet and smart telephony services to end users.
  • Wholesale contracting between operators.
  • Fibre optics and broadband roll-out (private and governmental)
  • Advice on mobile telephony and for mobile virtual network operators and contracts with network operators
  • Prices of access connection, termination, transit and those applicable to each specific service, review of acts of consolidation of traffic and payments to operators.
  • Regulatory advice on numbering, including specific use, tariffs applicable to users and for connection, obligations to be fulfilled and fees.
  • Comprehensive advice on all matters related to the radio spectrum including common use, private use, knowledge of the characteristics of each bandwidth and frequency allocation, interference issues, 5G and use of spectrum in IoT models.
  • Consultancy in regulatory and legislative processes before telecommunication regulatory bodies in Spain.
  • Network sharing operations, equipment sharing contracts and network upgrades.
  • Regulation and deregulation of industry convergence.
  • Regulatory advice, including compliance with regulations and new legislation, including the European Electronic Communications Code
  • Provision of advice to Public Administrations regarding special telecommunications plans, development of wireless networks and other government initiated telecommunications projects.
  • Taxation and legal procedures related to telecommunications law.
  • Competition law investigations and infringements, including cartels, abuse of dominant position, formalities before national and EU competition authorities, raids, application of interim measures and appeals against enforcement decisions.
  • Outsourcing (bespoke and also included in the Sector: Internet and TMT and IT, Telecoms and Innovation & Entrepreneurship practice area). We advise on a wide range of outsourcing contracts with a strong focus on the IT, technology and communications sectors. Our experience spans all types of models and geographies, including multi-vendor, digital transformation and shared services projects. We provide support on commercial, legal and operational issues.